The Tastery Experience

Four hundred years ago European nations fought wars to control the spice trade from the East Indies. Our mission is one of peace and plenty; to bring all the wonderful and diverse flavours of Indonesia to your kitchen just the way ibu would have made them. All of our products are made from natural ingredients and we don’t use preservatives. You get the truest, healthiest taste of Indonesia that will transport you from the peaks of Sumatra in the West to the forests of Papua in the East.


Our History

Tastery began as a small stall back in in 1980 but, propelled by founder Nurleila Pakpahan’s love of Indonesia’s culinary heritage. Nurleila is a true super-taster. Her extraordinary palette and skills gained through years of experience allows her to mix even the most subtle and sophisticated Indonesian spice recipes, as thousands of loyal customers, including many of Jakarta’s best restaurants, will attest.


Our Quality

We source quality ingredients directly from farmers and bring them to our spicery. Then our highly skilled employees carefully select, mix and pack our products. We combine age-old techniques with modern technology to process our raw materials and we strive to maintain the highest hygiene levels at every stage of the production process.