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We carefully select the very best spices from a thousand jewel-like islands and blend them perfectly to give you the true taste of Indonesia.



Indonesia’s best-known dish and a firm favourite right across the archipelago. There’s a reason Rendang has carried our culinary flag around the world; herbs and spices for a warm, flavourful taste.


Big, bold flavours;, turmeric gives colour and flavour and is increasingly known for its healthy anti-inflammatory properties. Our Gulai blend will let you cook up a storm with your favourite meats.



Semur has its origins in Indonesia’s colonial era; a blending of culinary traditions from the Netherlands, China and, of course, Indonesia itself.


Rawon is a fragrant black soup from East Java made for oxtail or beef ribs. We travelled far and wide around the East of the island looking for the perfect recipe and we’d like to think we got it just right!



Ginger, onion, nutmeg, cloves brought together for a herby, gently spiced, seductively tasty soup. Whether you want to cook veggie or use beef or chicken our sop blend is as versatile as it is delicious.


An Indonesian curry from the island of Sumatera. The bold flavours come from the herbs we source from the northernmost province of Aceh. Once you’ve tried our exotic Kari you’ll want to make it again and again.



A red chili flavour base with a subtle hint of lemon. If you like a chili hit with a twist Balado will lift meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

All Purpose Mix - White

Base spices perfect to cook any of your favourite vegetables or protein. You can cook anyway you like: stir fried, deep fried, soup or make a broth. 


All Purpose Mix - Red

Base spices for those who dig for spicy foods. You can cook your favourite vegetables or protein any style you want. 

All Purpose Mix - Yellow

Base spices for yellow type of dishes. Extra turmeric gives rich flavour to your favourite foods.